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Clive Smallman is the author of Breakthrough, Release and Transforming Leaders. He provides personalised learning experiences, as well as pragmatic strategic and operational advice for leaders and their teams.

A highly experienced business educator, and executive leader, Clive is Vice-President (Academic), International Institute of MBA Studies. With 30 years of experience in business schools (including Cambridge) and as an entrepreneur, Clive brings the best of business practice and theory to help clients improve their personal and team's performance in addressing real business challenges.


Education should be undertaken early and often


Breakthrough and Release are the first two parts of the Life Unleashed trilogy, Clive's blueprint for unleashing the full purpose of your life. Thrive, the third part will follow next year.

Corporate and Workplace Investigations, written with Mario Bekes, covers the foundations of business intelligence gathering and the conduct of investigations of corporate crime.

Clive is presently writing Transforming Leaders with Prof. Lester Massingham

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Clive advises higher education leaders on strategy, risk management, regulation, compliance and operations. This includes the provision of expert reports to those appealing to the AAT. He employs his facilitation skills in the provision of this advice. This work has recently extended to the Club sector.

Higher Education Strategy, Risk Management, Regulation, Compliance, Operations

Formerly a Higher Education Provider CEO, Assistant Vice-Chancellor and Business School Dean. 30 years in higher education, 18 years a Professor. Clive has successfully advised seven clients registration and accreditation as higher education providers (HEPs).

Currently, Vice-President (Academic), International Institute of MBA Studies, Dean, Higher Education Leadership Institute, and a director and Chair of Academic Board of an aspiring higher education provider.

Clive provides advice built on in-depth experience across public and private sector higher education.

Higher Education Expert Reports to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal

Clubs' Strategy, Risk Intelligence and Crisis Management

Clive has provided expert reports in six appeals to the AAT made by higher education providers (HEPs). Working closely with the HEPs' solicitors and counsels, the reports laid the foundation for successful appeals in all cases.

In partnership with Allied Risk Services, Clive developed a full business continuity plan for a large Club Group across multiple sites in NSW. He further provided an investment appraisal and departmental business planning templates. He is currently working on the development of a risk intelligence policy and process.