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Dynamics and Drivers

9 Beautiful Questions That Reveal Opportunities and Challenges in Your Business

Leveraging opportunities and meeting challenges in your business starts with you.

I help successful business founders, owners and leaders who are struggling to breakthrough.

I help them off the edge towards growth, so they work with purpose, gain financial freedom and love life.


We deliver all kind of services that support all sizes of business.

Mentoring at the Edge

Tailored mentoring for founders, owners, leaders and teams. Unlocks business opportunities or solves challenges, leading to growth.

Breakthrough Facilitation

Strategic workshops that crack open opportunities or resolve challenges.

Momentous Leadership

Momentous Leadership is a 10-week online course for founders, owners, leaders and teams. It covers leadership, sales and delivery strategies that drive growth.

The course can be tailored for in-house intensive delivery.


Speakership is leadership. Clive pulls together the art of oration and the science of influence, putting forward his views on Leadership in the rapidly changing world of work.

About Clive

There is one thing that life has taught me – that the right learning strategies have the power to transform

This is me – high school failure, AI researcher, Cambridge research fellow, Professor, business school Dean, commercial CEO and specialist in experiential learning, as a means of improving leadership…that is a combination you don’t hear much, but there is an important message behind it.

Once you understand your strengths. When you accept challenge as an opportunity. When you believe in yourself. Once you commit. When you believe you control your destiny, choosing how your react to what life serves up. Once you understand how to learn from those moments of truth we all face. Then you are ready to grow. Then you are ready to achieve.

When this philosophy is applied by business leaders in an organisation, that is when you see your people become more engaged and proactive in achieving business objectives.

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