The Learner's Edge

- Helping Leaders Thrive

Through professional mentoring, collaborative team training, and public speaking, Clive empowers leaders to thrive as they learn to break insular thinking and implement proactive experiential learning to outperform standards

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Individuals and teams that reflect on the way they do things, and know how to identify opportunities for improvement will always outperform those who do not

Addressing issues with people and organisations starts with the way we lead and the way we learn

Workplaces are becoming increasingly disengaged, with current studies indicating only 15% are actively engaged at work. That means 85% of employees don’t care about the work they do, let alone the impact on the company they work for.

We need to look at a different way of engaging and motivating the people in our organisations.
The Learner’s Edge is a framework for learning from those moments of truth we encounter on a daily basis, as well as those ‘ah-ha’ or ‘uh-oh’ moments we see happening to others.
The Learner’s Edge helps you to better:
  • Understand the environment that you work in
  • Identify your strengths
  • Evaluate your resilience
  • Define your learning style
  • Develop a learning strategy tailored to you that works the way you want


We deliver all kind of services that support all sizes of business.

Leadership Programs

Clive’s leadership programs provide personalised professional learning in leadership, creativity, decision-making and communications.

Private Mentoring

Carefully tailored professional learning that leverages your experience moving you to greater levels of mastery in your profession

Keynote Speaking

Clive’s keynote presentations have the power to provoke deep reflection on leadership and nootech.

Training Services

Tailored training for your organisation that respects your needs – not a one-size-fits-all

About Clive

There is one thing that life has taught me – that the right learning strategies have the power to transform
This is me – high school failure, AI researcher, Cambridge research fellow, Professor, business school Dean, commercial CEO and specialist in experiential learning, as a means of improving leadership…that is a combination you don’t hear much, but there is an important message behind it.

Once you understand your strengths. When you accept challenge as an opportunity. When you believe in yourself. Once you commit. When you believe you control your destiny, choosing how your react to what life serves up. Once you understand how to learn from those moments of truth we all face. Then you are ready to grow. Then you are ready to achieve.

When this philosophy is applied by business leaders in an organisation, that is when you see your people become more engaged and proactive in achieving business objectives.

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