Training Services

Training Services

Frustrated with ‘training-as-usual’ or ‘Management 101’?
You know, the tick-the-box training that does not really understand your organisational needs and so never gets implemented?
Need training that is tailored to your workplace, your employees, your customers?
After 25 years as an educator, I know a thing or two about putting together bespoke training – online, face-to-face or blended. I use a simple process to help you analyse what you need, design and develop it, and on occasion deliver it.

The Bespoke Training
Development Process

Needs analysis

Define the target population for training

List the tasks to be performed by the target population

List the skills and knowledge needed to do the tasks

Select the skills and knowledge to be taught - learning outcomes

Design and development

Organize the selected skills and knowledge into suitable learning units (modules) and develop the instructional design (including brief outlines of module content and planned training methods)

Draft expanded outlines of modules, including instructional objectives, main body of text, and descriptions of training methods, examples, exercises and assessments

Source realistic examples and information for use in exercises and assessments

Draft the complete modules, trainer guidelines, and course coordinator guidelines

Revise and finalize learning materials based on the field test

Pilot the learning materials


Learning and training professional practice

Assess participants’ performance


Assess the performance of the trainer and the learning materials


Revise the design and course materials as required

Improve trainer performance through professional learning

To develop and implement a training
program into your organisation
that truly works, enquire today