Momentous Leadership


Frustrated with ‘training-as-usual’ or ‘Leadership 101’?

Conventional professional development rarely develops anything or any one.

How about personalised professional learning that not only improves your leadership performance, but sets a culture that enables the next generation of leaders to shine?

After 30 plus years in business and education, I’ve given and taken any number of leadership courses, for all sorts of businesses of all sorts of sizes. They’ve had all sorts of names too. I learned something (but not much) in most of them, but one stood out in particular. It inspired me. It still does. Sadly its creator has passed. Its focus was not on some magical silver bullet of productivity, but on focusing on my behaviour, on my expectations of colleagues. Its innate philosophy embodied the great coach Bill Walsh’s belief that if you set up the right organisational environment and culture, hire good people, set expectations and seek continuous improvement, then ‘the score takes care of itself.’


On-boarding with four key psychometric tests, with feedback from Clive. 10 weeks of online content. Fortnightly, one-hour support webinar live with Clive. Private Facebook Support Group for life. Come out with a GROWth plan. 


Momentous leaders focus on developing the ability of leaders, teams and organisations to learn from moments of truth, good and bad. They’re about creating a community of purposeful mentors in organisations who live above the line, the edge. They’re obsessed with purpose performance, culture. They set the tone, the environment. The enable performance, leveraging opportunities and meeting challenges.


Momentous leaders focus on value innovation: optimised costs; maximised client value. 


Momentous leaders improve effectiveness. They increase engagement. The assure successful change. They set an environment where people want to work. Talent is retained.

Momentous Leadership is also available as a tailored in-house experience. I run variations from a half-day executive briefing to a three-day immersive workshop.

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