Mentoring at the Edge

Understand your business model.
Build on your strengths.
Increase your resilience.
Improve your capacity for learning.
Engage in positive change.
Develop personal and business growth strategies that work the way you want.

I love working with clients one-on-one as well as in small groups.

Successful individuals and teams inspire me. I love working with them to understand what makes them tick: their character strengths; their resilience; their learning preferences; their purpose. I love helping them to sharpen their goals and execute their strategies.

As a Thought Leaders Business School Black Belt, I am passionate about helping smart people to become yet more commercially savvy. It’s working for me. It can work for you. As a Professor, I’ve worked at top business schools in Europe, including at Cambridge. I have a deep unrelenting passion for learning, not just from theory, but from life too.

In individual and mentoring, I bring to bear 35-years commercial and education experience, drawing on a vast pool of pragmatic and intellectual resources. I’ve worked with over 100 managers and executives solving genuine business issues. Coupled to my success in industry, as Professor and as a CEO, I pull together personalised learning programs, based on understanding:

Business models

Character strengths

Mental toughness

Organisational resilience

Learning preferences and styles


If you’re ready to learn and
change actively, let’s talk.
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