Leadership Programs

Want to outperform your competition?
Looking to identify opportunities for improvement?
Want your team fully engaged?

Addressing issues with people and organisations starts with the way we lead.
Leading starts with the way we learn.
My passion is learning. It’s the root of everything else. People who learn from and across life are people who grow, succeed and achieve. Learning is the fast track to high performance. Leaders who learn, who coach and who encourage their teams to learn are way ahead of the pack.

Once you understand your strengths and your teams’ strengths. When you accept challenges as opportunities and so do your team. When you believe in yourself, your team will too. Once you commit, then they will. When you believe you control your destiny, choosing how your react to what life serves up, then your team will get it as well. Once you understand how to learn from those moments of truth we all face, then it will become second nature to your team. Then you and they are ready to grow. Then you and they are ready to achieve well and truly above the line.

It’s about working with people and organisations to build a learning culture. A culture that learns naturally develops leaders and is led easily.

Learning organisations outperform those that don’t.

I offer leadership programs that are
focused on professional learning:

The Brains Trust

The Brains Trust is a set of monthly mastermind groups. Groups of 8-12 people meet for two hours, facilitated by Clive. The focus is on thinking about future challenges by learning from the present.

The Learner’s Edge

The Learner’s Edge is a 12-month professional learning program. The focus is on positive leadership through professional experiential learning, as a route to improving creativity, decision-making and communication, and so improving performance.

The Lesson

The Lesson is an on-demand half- or full-day workshop. Facilitated by Clive, participants explore a challenge experienced by them or their organisation. They identify the causes and impacts of the challenge. Building from this, they develop outline, pragmatic solutions, promoting authentic change.