The Programme

Certified Transformational Leader is a standalone award accredited by the Chartered Management Institute, UK. It also forms stage 1 of the Transforming Leaders programme. Click this link to learn more about the whole programme: Transforming Leaders 1. The Programme

Course Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the Certified Transformational Leadership programme will be able to:

  1. Critically assess organisational problem situations arising from environmental challenges and then design a road map for leading contextually relevant strategic transformations.
  2. Determine, plan, evaluate and lead transformational strategy for competitive sustainability, growth and organisational resilience.
  3. Plan strategic change utilising contemporary approaches for leading interventions through complex stakeholder dynamics for performance gains.
  4. Create systems of employee engagement and performance management to lead essential organisational culture change by building relationship capital, trust, efficient business processes with transformational and strategy enablement for implementation.
  5. Design business models, determine a contextually appropriate business models structure and define where the organisational transformation agenda impacts the business model to deliver incremental shareholder value gains as a leader through improved organisational performance.
  6. Lead a comprehensive strategic planning process posing critical questions that embrace and contain the Organisational Transformation Agenda, with changes alignedto the business model, taking a change leadership perspective.

Course Details

The Certified Transformational Leader course consists of the following six units:

  1. Strategic Thinking for Transformation
  2. Leading Strategy Design
  3. Leading Strategic Change
  4. Enabling Organisational Transformation
  5. Business Model Transformation
  6. Strategic Planning

Students are normally expected to undertake the course in the sequence above.

Students are expected to complete each unit within a four weeks of commencement, which includes four two-hour lessons that may be taken at any time. Students studies are supported through a one-hour weekly clinic hosted by a facilitator as well as course forums. The facilitator is also available for individual calls. You should allow a further two hours per week for self-directed learning activities including reading, watching or listening to media related to your studies and preparing or taking assessment tasks. Units are examined through a mix of individual reflective assessments and quizzes.

Entry Criteria

There are no academic entry criteria for the programme. However, students are expected to have at least five years experience of a supervisory role and to demonstrate competency in written business English.

When Can I Start?

There is no need to wait, you can enrol at any time.


The course fee is Au$9,000+GST. A payment plan is available