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Disruption is the New Normal

Business disruptions occur all of the time.

The COVID-19 health crisis of 2019-2020 is just one example. Political economic, social, technological and, yes, natural environment shifts cause disruptions, as do shifts in the competitive ‘oceans’ that we all work in.

Disruption has become the new normal.

The question is how ready is your business? How ready are you as a leader? How about your team?

The scale and speed of change required in response to disruptions varies hugely. But it’s all about how you pivot or shift your business strategy and model, push you and your team’s performance and proposal success. It’s about transformation.

Ask yourself, are you?

  • A busy executive, but you know you that you and your team should be doing better than are; or
  • A business leader in need of updating your knowledge and skills to match the new normal; or
  • A CEO or HR Director looking to develop talent to lead strategic change to embrace the opportunities ahead.

There is a proverb that says: “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

Best not to look back to five or 10 years with the benefit of hindsight and wonder what might have been.  Now is the perfect time to invest in developing knowledge and skills in managing transformational change. Disruptions aren’t going to wait. They’re on us now.

Certified Transformational Leader

Delivered under license from Masters Pro Management, Malaysia, Prof. Clive Smallman is pleased to offer the Chartered Management Institute Certified Transformational Leader Programme, validated by York St John University, UK.

Core Purpose

The Certified Transformational Leader programme aims to enable learners to demonstrate enhanced knowledge, skills, values, mindsets and behaviour to excel as leaders in the workplace through an Accelerated Management Development experience.

Core Themes

Across the programme, there are a set of embedded delivery themes:

  1. Leading transformational change
  2. Individual leadership development skills promoting employability ambitions
  3. Engaging theory for practice
  4. Leadership mindset renewal
  5. Leading planned strategies for value creation as innovations for stakeholder value capture


This programme is designed for:

  • Companies, seeking to develop leadership talent to plan, lead and achieve change through a fast track Management Development experience either in-house or by attending a public programme.
  • Individuals, busy executives seeking to enhance their managerial know-how and keep updated with the latest knowledge and skills to improve leadership performance.
  • Government bodies, seeking to develop managerial and leadership competency, at a time of transition to new horizons.

Delivered Outcomes for Programme Participants

On completing the programme participants should be able to:

  • Accelerate essential management knowledge applications for leading workplace transformation
  • Apply new skills for leading and managing improved organisational performance
  • Achieve insights to adjust leadership thinking and behaviour competency for achieving improved results
  • Acquire self-development for the role of leading for transforming organisations
  • Lead, more effectively, management discussions and decision-making
  • Use current management knowledge for more effective communication among peers, superiors and subordinates Network with other management leaders

Pathway to an MBA in 12 Months

Successfully completing the programme normally enables participants to enrol in Stage 2 of York St John University’s MBA in Transformational Leadership Strategy. Stage 2 consists of a Research Methodologies unit, the development of a research project leading to a written report and a presentation.

The MBA is facilitated in Australia and New Zealand by Prof. Clive Smallman under license from Masters Pro Management, Malaysia and validated by York St John University, UK. Participants are enrolled students at York St John. Established in its earliest form in 1841, the university is officially recognised and accredited by the United Kingdom’s Privy Council as a higher education institution. You can read more about the MBA here.

Certified Transformational Leadership Programme Structure

The programme will challenge learners to reflect and realise: what they don’t know, the need to know more AND the need to acquire further “know how” for leading change.

The programme consists of six training units on “Knowing How:”

  1. Strategic Thinking for Transformation. Knowing how to critically assess organisational problem situations arising from environmental challenges and then to design a road map for leading contextually relevant strategic transformations.
  2. Leading Strategy Design. Knowing how to determine, plan, evaluate and lead transformational strategy for competitive sustainability, growth and organisational resilience.
  3. Leading Strategic Change. Knowing how to achieve strategic change through contemporary approaches for leading interventions through complex stakeholder dynamics for performance gains.
  4. Enabling Organisational Transformation. Knowing how to effect systems of employee engagement and performance management to lead essential organisational culture change by building relationship capital, trust, efficient business processes with transformational and strategy enablement for implementation.
  5. Business Model Transformation. Knowing how to design business models, determine a contextually appropriate business model structure and then decide where the organisational transformation agenda impacts the business model to deliver incremental shareholder value gains as a leader through improved organisational performance.
  6. Strategic Planning.Knowing how to answer critical questions to achieve a comprehensive strategic planning process which embraces and contains the Organisational Transformation Agenda, with aligned changes to the business model, from a change leadership perspective.

Delivery Modes

  1. The Public Programme is an intensive course for individuals that takes place over six months, delivering up to 100 hours of learning through interactive Zoom webinars conducted in person by Prof Smallman and expert guests. Each week there will be 2 x two-hour webinars, usually on a Tuesday and Thursday morning from 8:30 to 10:30 AEST. Students progress will be monitored through in-webinar activities and the completion of a programme workbook. The programme is further supported through a closed Facebook Group. Prof. Smallman also provides email support and limited individual tuition.
  2. The Corporate Programme is delivered on a schedule to be agreed with the client. It has the same content as the Public Programme. However, content and activitirs can be tailored to suit the client’s requirements.


The Public Programme has intakes in February and July each year.


The Public Programme fee is Au$9,000+GST.

The Corporate Programme fee is by negotiation.

To find out more and speak with Clive about the programme