Breakthrough Facilitation

At the edge?
Going round in loops?
You can see the opportunity, but can’t quite get into it?
That challenge? No matter what, you just can’t resolve it!

Often finding the way into an opportunity or meeting a challenge needs a fresh set of eyes. Someone to lead the discussion.
Facilitating solutions often needs us to ask more beautiful questions.
Distance from the matter at hand helps.

I have a grasp of leadership and management theory and practice that is probably not good for me. It’s probably not good for anyone. But what it is good for is providing the base for leading discussions around problem solving. It enables me to connect strategic dots. To promote novel solutions. To, yes, think outside the box, because I’ve worked and studied in lots of different boxes.

In my training in design thinking with IDEO U as well as with Darden Executive Education, as well as in over 30 years experience of applied research and development, one theme has been constant: Creativity is a contact sport.

The process of cracking open an opportunity, refining an existing process or answering a challenge requires contact with the tribes or communities that have a stake. It requires:

  1. ENGAGING with a tribe that has an opportunity or a challenge
  2. GATHERING information on the present reality
  3. CREATING breakthrough ideas by pushing past obvious solutions
  4. SELECTING a promising idea
  5. REFINING the idea through prototyping
  6. EXECUTING the delivery of a final value proposition
  7. COMMUNICATING the story to encourage others to take action

I’ve worked on strategies for business as diverse as motor vehicles, pharmaceuticals, FMCGs and gas grills. I’ve run strategy workshops large and small.

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