Effectively utilising your ability to learn from experience could be the catalyst for this year being your best year ever

If you had access to a methodology that could increase engagement in the workplace, had your team looking for ways to be better, what impact would that have on your business?


My vision is to have all professionals learn effectively from experiences,
and to perform above the line

As human beings, we all want to be better tomorrow than we were today….but for most people, they can look at themselves today and notice no significant difference in circumstances to the year before.

I firmly believe that with the right framework in place we can progressively become better as we learn from our experiences, and the experience of those around us. In a team environment, where we can learn to encourage this practice, we see engagement skyrocket and business KPI’s smashed!

My Mission is to have the very best professionals as life-long training partners, learning what they need, that works the way they want, to improve their performance.

Signature Strengths

I Bring To My Professional Practice


Thinking of novel and productive ways to conceptualise and do things is central to who I am. It should be central to anyone working in business.


Humour is a defining human quality. It is easier to learn if you have a smile on your face. If there is a dark side to something, the light side can illuminate it. I like to laugh and to bring smiles to other people.


Being kind and generous to others needn’t cost a thing, perhaps a little time. But the return on that investment of time can be a wonderful thing when you’re trying to grow people or get things done.


Leadership for me is about getting things done through building and maintaining positive relationships in a group.


Valuing close relations with others, where sharing and caring is reciprocated develops strong and effective teams, be it at home or
at work.

Love of Learning

Mastering new skills, topics and bodies of knowledge whether formally or informally from experiences is another of those core skills we all need. It is perhaps my defining character strength.

A little about Clive

     Clive is a high school failure who became a Professor. The shock of failure at high school to his system meant that reading, thinking, writing and learning became more important that rugby, beer and girls. He is a learning ‘tragic’ with a grasp of business, management, learning and teaching best practice and theory that is probably not good for him.

A Professor specialising in experiential learning, leadership and management, he has worked at top business schools in Europe and held senior educational and business leadership positions in New Zealand and Australia. He is a widely published writer and speaker at international professional and academic conferences.

In his early career, he worked in commercial artificial intelligence and machine learning research and development, before moving into business and management higher education, and executive development in the 1990s. He worked at Bradford and Cambridge Universities, mentoring and teaching managers and executives from multi-nationals (e.g. Ford, GM, Shell, Nestle), as well as small and medium sized enterprises. He moved  to independent higher education in 2016.

Clive established his own Thought Leaders Practice in mid-2017. His present clients include Coca Cola Hellenic’s Group Chief Risk Officer, Insight Intelligence Group’s Managing Director, Your Business Minder’s Managing Director, Education Centre of Australia’s CEO and the Higher Education Leadership Institute (an independent higher education start-up).

Clive helps develop people to reflect on their experiences and the experiences of others, to identify SMARTER goals, and to execute plans. He gets a real buzz out of helping others to learn. Seeing ‘the light’ go on and seeing others grow after he shares ideas, tools and techniques with them is an absolute thrill.

What clients say